These CEOs Still Remain on Trump’s Advisory Council If You Wish to Boycott Their Companies


After President Trump officially bailed out of the Paris Accord on Thursday afternoon, notable members of his advisory council decided to step down. These members included Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger. Musk, who runs one of the most successful “Green” companies in America, showed his disdain for Trump’s decision by stepping aside. After all, what good is an advisor when the President doesn’t listen to your advice?

There still remains several key figures on Trumps advisory council, including CEOs from Walmart, Pepsi and GM. We thought that we would provide a list of those on the council, for those of you who wish to either boycott their products or ask them (via Twitter) to step down in protest of Trump’s anti-environmental decision on Thursday (be sure to see end of this article for a protest tweet that you can retweet).

  • Pepsi CEO, Indra Nooyi (Twitter: @IndraNooyi)
  • Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon (Twitter: @Walmart)
  • JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon (Twitter: @JPMorgan)
  • Blackstone CEO, Stephen Schwarzman (Twitter: @blackstone)
  • General Motors CEO, Mary Barra (Twitter: @mtbarra)
  • EY CEO, Mark Weinberger (Twitter: @Mark_Weinberger)
  • IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty (Twitter: @GinniRometty)
  • BlackRock CEO, Larry Flink (Twitter: @blackrock)
  • Former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch (Twitter: @jack_welch)
  • CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, Toby Cosgrove (Twitter: @TobyCosgroveMD)
  • Vice Chairman of IHS Markit, Daniel Yergin (Twitter: @DanielYergin)
  • Former CEO of Boeing, Jim McNerney
  • Boston Consulting Group CEO, Rich Lesser
  • Patomak Global Partners CEO, Paul Atkins
  • Global Infrastructure Partners Chairman, Adebayo Ogunlesi
  • Former Governor of the Federal Reserve System, Kevin Warsh

Well there you have it. The remaining members of Donald Trump’s Advisory Council. While all of these members are not on Twitter, here are the Twitter accounts associated with those individuals whom are: @IndraNooyi @Walmart @JPMorgan @blackstone @mtbarra @Mark_Weinberger @GinniRometty @blackrock @jack_welch @TobyCosgroveMD @DanielYergin, and our Tweet Thread which mentions them all can be RETWEETED at: