The Rise of Trumpism


This is a reader submitted editorial.

Trump has ascended to, as well as remained in, power despite showing every sign of being dangerously unfit for it and exposing in himself and his supporters, the worst that humanity has to offer: Sexism; racism; a contempt for the most vulnerable among us; disdain for democracy and its institutions; intimations of fascism and despotism; an absolute love of bullying; a willingness to make threats of political violence; a contempt for science and a love of conspiracy theories.

Despite these character flaws, we must debate with Trump apologists and supporters that he is indeed unfit to run even his own life, let alone a nation. Any one of these flaws should trigger an immediate thought of incompetency in the President. Perhaps the most salient of his issues is the degree to which he lies and his supporters do not care. According to the Fact Checker by The Washington Post, “Trump has made 586 false and misleading claims” in 119 days as President. There has to be a consequence for lying on this level. The usual retort from a Trump fan is “this is ‘fake news” or “all politicians lie”. The latter could be up for debate if it were not for one key difference: the way in which he lies. Trump is obviously repudiating the very norm of honest communication. What he, and many of the individuals around him, have done is just say whatever they want with clear contempt of what is true.

This authoritarian approach shows the basis, if not entirety, of their thoughts as “I’m too powerful. Just try and stop me.” Trump is conscientiously destroying the fabric of civil conversation and it must not continue to go unpunished. Against all the evidence, Trump supporters seem to at most concede that he is uncensored and will inevitably offend people due to his unorthodox methods. This isn’t even close to addressing the problem. Trump’s truly unmatched display of hypocrisy could not be made more evident if he tried.

We are at a point when I don’t even have to contemplate the plethora of vacuous piffle so disgracefully articulated by our nation’s leader. Statistically, if you believe the opposite of what he says, you are far more likely to be correct. Never before have I witnessed such an audacious affectation of diametrical opposition. You will find with Trump that there could be no more evidence than there is of being a selfishly malignant huckster. “Make America Great Again.” This is sheer manic relish, larded with sophism. This degree of lying is causing mass confusion of the media and public. Mass confusion and misinforming of the public is what will lead to our stumbling into the realm of fascism. It is of vast importance for each of us to analyze all political news stories from multiple sources before coming to a consensus.

(Dictators disguised as) leaders of authoritarian like nations wish the media to be incomprehensible in order to maintain, even if skeptically, a positive view that he has the best for the country in mind. The battle against the dismantling of democracy begins and ends with political education and the ability to demystify the ghosts of conspiracy and sensationalism, and in doing so raise realism to the forefront of our political discourse. We must not let the lies and confusion lead us to being apolitical. Trump’s acquisition of power arose from a combined display of anarchism, despotism, sensationalism, and delusiveness. The characteristics of our 70 year old leader are indissoluble. We must be the ones to change, to stand up for our democracy and its institutions, to cast aside solipsism and cupidity. WE must defend our right to have a future worth living in.