Berlin Newspaper: “Earth to Trump: F–k you!”


President Trump returned home from his first overseas trip, and by listening to his words, you would assume that the entire world is in love with his policies as well as the fact that he is now the leader of the free world. Truth be told though, most of the world has taken a strong disliking toward the President, especially after he bailed out of the Paris Climate Accord this past week.

While the majority of Americans believe that it was a mistake for Trump to pull America out of the Paris Agreement, the rest of the world may be taking the decision to leave even a bit harder. So hard in fact, that they have used expletives to define their feelings. At least that’s what one newspaper in Berlin, Germany is doing.

In the June 1, 2017 edition of the Berliner Kurier, a daily tabloid that is circulated to over 120,000 people in the Berlin metropolitan area, they published a message for President Trump from the Erde (Earth in German).

The front page headline read “Erde an Trump: F–k you!”, which obviously translates to “Earth to Trump: F–k you!”

Below the headline, the text read (roughly translated):

“One of the most important treaties in the history of mankind: 195 countries committed themselves to save the planet for our children in 2015. But now the man in the White House is against the agreement. Will he become a danger to us?”

Check out the front page of the newspaper below:

While the Berliner Kurier certainly isn’t one of the more politically correct publications in Germany, it still is apparent that this message speaks for much of Germany and the rest of the world. The leaders of the United States, a country which has been at the forefront of environmental protections for decades, now seem to be in opposition to such causes. Trump has, on several occasions, called global warming a hoax, and while the White House won’t confirm or deny if he still feels this way, this latest move would definitely support that view.