Stopping Terrorism in America: The solution is easy, but Donald Trump won’t like it


With last night’s London terror attacks, President Trump is using Twitter this morning in order to try and convince America that he has been right all along, and that a “Travel Ban” is needed to prevent terrorism within our borders. A few things are really funny about this ideology and the tweets that Donald Trump made last night and this morning.

In one of his tweets, Trump directly came out and called his Travel ban exactly what he has been saying it is not all along; a “Travel Ban”. His tweet last night read: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!”

The ironic part about this is that Trump tried to slip his executive order past the courts by saying it was not actually a travel ban. Now he calls it exactly what it is. The main problem with a travel ban though, is that 99.999% of terrorism that takes place in America, on American soil, is not done by people who have somehow traveled to America from the middle east. The terrorism taking place in our country is by individuals who have lived in America and have been American citizens for years, or in most cases, their entire lives.

The majority of terrorism that we see in this country is not from radical Islamic terrorists, but rather from white males who identify as either Christian or Atheist. So what is the common denominator for terrorism, especially the terrorism that we have seen take place on our own soil? They answer? Not Islam and not mental disorders, but rather the lack of quality education. The more education someone has, the less likely they are to commit an act of terror.

Education equals enlightenment. Education equals understanding. Education equals the ability to see things from other people’s points of view.

Elementary education is nice, middle school education is good, high school education is even better, but it’s a college education that ultimately is the most important when it comes to drawing a line in the sand against terrorism. College educated individuals are much less likely to commit an act of terrorism. It’s also no coincident that college educated individuals earn more money, are much more likely to contribute to society in a beneficial way, have a greater likelihood of becoming the future innovators of the world, and quite simply are ones who are more inclined to making peace than making war.

So, what is the solution to not only ending terrorism within our borders, but also reigniting the economy, the jobs market and innovation in America? It’s simple: EDUCATION!

Everyone in America should have the right to free education. I’m not just talking about public school education, but I’m talking about college education, graduate school education and  vocational education. If every American has an equal opportunity to learn as much as they desire, then every American will have the opportunity to better themselves, their careers, their futures, and their understanding of one another. The more smart people living in America, the less likely we will see racial and religious divisions. Blacks and whites will have the same opportunities to become the future doctors and lawyers of this world. Muslims and Christians will have the ability to learn about the beliefs of one another, in an educational setting, not a biased church setting. If the son of a Muslim extremist wants to learn about the religions of the world, he can do so at the college of his dreams. If the son of a poverty stricken coal miner wants to become the next Elon Musk, he can strive for that, without worrying if his father will foot the bill so he can fulfill these dreams.

It won’t be cheap, but I guarantee that every single dollar that goes into providing free college education will end up paying for itself and then some. It would put America head and shoulders above the rest of the world. We would once against be the smartest, most innovative, most educated country in the world, and GDP would be effected in a much more positive way than by exiting the Paris Accord.  Most importantly though, terrorism will see sharp declines, as individuals will have a much better understanding of each other, their histories, and their beliefs.