Is Trump Meeting with Rubio and Cotton to Advise Them How to Question James Comey?


This Thursday, former FBI director James Comey will testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in a public hearing that will be aired on live TV. Many people expect that Comey will testify that Trump asked him to end his investigation into former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

While there will surely be a lot of questions from Democrats of Comey, asking him whether he felt as though Trump tried to obstruct justice in his talks with the former FBI director, it will be interesting to see how the Republicans on the committee handle the situation. In what seems to be a bit more than just a coincidence, President Trump is scheduled to have dinner tonight with two republican committee members, Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton, along with other GOP lawmakers.

One has to wonder if this meeting is a way for Trump to discuss various questions that he would like Rubio and Cotton to ask of Comey, perhaps in a way that could try and expose Comey as some sort of liar or fraud. Surely Trump knows more about his discussions with Comey than anyone but Comey himself, so getting out in front of the testimony by having Rubio and Cotton ask questions that could perhaps make Comey look bad, would seemingly be in his best interest.

Whether Trump plans to ask this of the GOP committee members or not, we don’t know, but it will certainly be interesting to listen to the questions which are posed to Comey from these two men, as well as the answers which he provides.