Former US Spy Chief, James Clapper: ‘Watergate pales, compared to (Trump-Russia)’


If you were to ask high ranking officials in the United States, what their feelings are about former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, you would hear compliments about the man’s honesty and integrity. Clapper is one of those non-political figures who for decades protected America’s interests the best he could. So, when you ask him, based on the knowledge that he has at his disposal, how he feels about the current events that are taking place within the White House when it comes to Russia, you would expect a very honest answer.

This is exactly what was asked of Clapper this morning in Australia, where he spoke to Australia’s National Press Club. When he was questioned about how he feels about current events when compared to those which took place during the Watergate scandal, his response was a bit stunning.

“I think (when) you compare the two, that Watergate pales, really, in my view, compared to what we’re confronting now.”

Clapper also went on to discuss a talk he had with Donald Trump prior to the election. Trump said to Clapper, “[it would be] a good thing if we could get along with the Russians”.

Clapper responded, “Sure, whenever our interests converge, and they do occasionally, fine, but as far as our being intimate allies, trusting buds, with the Russians? That is just not gonna happen.”

The mere fact that one of the most trusted national security leaders over the past several decades feels as though the Trump-Russia potential collusion is much bigger than Watergate, should give us a good indication of how the Trump administration may come to an end. While Richard Nixon escaped prison time for his misdoings, it makes you wonder if the conclusion of Trump’s presidency (if in fact it ends early) could make Nixon’s “pale” in comparison as well.