Trump Just Called Comey a Liar & Leaker, Believes He’s Completely Vindicated


After surprising silence on Twitter by our 45th President, during and after the James Comey testimony, it was only a matter of time before President Trump would be able to sneak his phone away from his attorney (this is at least how I imagine things happening) and begin to lash out publicly.

This morning in a single 103-character tweet, our President was able to not only defame one of the more respected individuals in America today, but also reveal to the world that in his own eyes, he has seen ‘total and complete vindication’.

At approximately 6:10 AM EST this morning, President Trump broke his 46-hour Twitter absence with the following message to the world:

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

In essence, the President has not only called James Comey a liar and a leaker, but he also has implied that he is a criminal, considering that all of Comey’s statements yesterday before the Senate Intelligence Committee took place under oath. ¬†Any lie to the committee would be a clear violation to federal law.

To anyone watching the hearing, it was absolutely clear that Comey’s statements did nothing to vindicate the President, what-so-ever, and to many political pundits, the testimony was said to be quite ominous to the President’s narrative. Even Fox News’ Judge Napolitano agreed that ‘The President did not have a good day”.

Clearly Trump is on a different wavelength than many within the media, but then again the media is the enemy according to the President.