These 36 Twitter Users Have Been Blocked By Trump


By Now, you have likely heard that the President of the United States of America has been blocking Twitter users from following his account, simply because he doesn’t like what they are saying.  Whether it’s criticism, personal attacks, or a combination of both, President Trump has blocked handfuls of people over the last couple of weeks.  When a Twitter user is blocked, they can no longer read tweets made by the President or reply to any such tweet.  While the ACLU argues that such censorship is likely unconstitutional since Trump uses Twitter as an official line of communication between his administration and the American people, that doesn’t seem to have stopped him.  Through extensive research we have been able to compile a list of 35 users who have officially been blocked from following the President’s Twitter account.  While this list is the most comprehensive one online, we are certain that dozens or even hundreds of others have also been block but simply have not reported it.  We urge you to contact us if you have been blocked by the President and are not included within the list below:

A Cat Named Bitches @bitchesthecat
Adam Best @adamcbest
Adam Molloy @adamjmolloy
Anti-DJ.Trump‏ @Anti_DJTrump
Aunt Crabby @DearAuntCrabby
Bess Kalb @bessbell
BookDragon @daBookdragon
Chrissy G. Blanco @pennyroo_
Christof Rehage @crehage
Debbie Hastings @dddd4444
Dominic @DomT716
Holly O’Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan
J-San @lawdood
Jail Donald Trump @DTrumpExposed
Joe Papp @joepabike
John Niven @NivenJ1
Jules Suzdaltsev @jules_su
LardNapkin @lardnapkin
MacKenzie L. @run_mac_run
Maumee Mom @MaumeeMom
Megan Ackerman @MissMeganEmily
Michael Ritchie @retorikku
Molly Jong-Fast @MollyJongFast
Nick Jack Pappas @pappiness
Pat Donovan @PatDono92287870
Rick Erickson @rick5714
Rob Szczerba @RJSzczerba
RJ City @RjCity1
Sheila Vance @Sheilav93967759
Shizzlacher @Shizzlacher
Suzanne Fox @suzuufox
Sweet Ass Pie @themccuntface
Tara Dublin @taradublinrocks
Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski
Uwalaka Emmanuel @e_uwalaka

If you do happen to be blocked by President Trump, there is an alternative means of reading his tweets via the following account: UnfollowTrump