WATCH LIVE: President Trump’s First Live Press Conference Since Comey Hearing


Yesterday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey may have been one of the most historic public testimonies in the history of our nation.  As Comey sat in from of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he repeatedly painted President Trump and his campaign as dishonest liars, who have fudged the facts in order to change and divert from a damaging narrative.  While the GOP continues to try and paint yesterday’s hearing as a win for the President, and Trump himself tweets about how he has been vindicated, most political pundits don’t quite view it that way.

President Trump has already called James Comey a liar and leaker on Twitter, but besides that he has yet to make any personal statements regarding the hearing or Comey’s testimony.  This is all likely about to change as a scheduled joint news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is expected to commence at approximately 2:45 PM EST.  While the topic of the conference is related to discussions the two leaders had earlier this afternoon regarding defense issues, you can be sure that the press will be interested almost entirely in his thoughts on yesterday’s hearing.  Watch the press conference live below :

It will be interesting to see if Trump skirts over the questions related to the hearing, as his attorney likely has suggested to him, or if he takes them head-on. It is nearly a certainty that there will be many questions regarding not only Comey’s claims yesterday, but also the subsequent tweets the President made early this morning.