Are Trump & Republicans Considering Firing Robert Mueller? It Appears So!


If you thought that the James Comey firing or the preceding efforts by President Trump to encourage Comey to drop his investigation into Michael Flynn were considered obstruction of justice, then you will certainly think that this tidbit of gossip would be considered obstruction as well.

Robert Mueller, the man who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as special counsel for the US DOJ, may already be on the brink of losing his job. As we all know, Mueller is in charge of investigating any and all links between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government, as well as other matters pertaining to such. If Trump knows he’s guilty of colluding with Russia to interfere with our election, he has plenty of motive to oust Mueller from his duties before a full-scale investigation can get underway.

The question is, would Trump actually fire Mueller, and if he did, would Republicans back him on such a move? The answer isn’t clear, but there are signs that this may be part of Trump’s plan, and surprisingly (or perhaps not), Republicans might actually be open to the idea as well.

Yesterday, Politico reported that Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow refused to rule out the president interfering with or ordering Attorney General Jeff Sessions to relieve Mueller of his duties. Then the story took an even more interesting turn last night and this morning with several key Republicans backing the idea of firing Mueller.

At 7:34AM ET, Newt Gingrich tweeted: “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring. Check fec reports. Time to rethink.”

In that Tweet, Gingrich was most likely referring to the hiring of Michael Dreeben, a deputy in the Solicitor General’s office who has argued over 100 Supreme Court cases over his career. Dreeben is one of, if not the best criminal appellate lawyers in the country. Additionally, Mueller has hired other key personnel to his team as well, including Andrew Weissmann, chief of the fraud section of the DOJ’s Criminal Division. He’s known very well for his high profile prosecutions of large criminal enterprises.

Gingrich isn’t the only one showing unwavering support for the firing of Mueller though. Ann Coulter also tweeted last night at 7:14PM ET:
“Now that we FINALLY got Comey to admit Trump [is] not under investigation, Sessions should fire Mueller. Why do we need a special counsel now?”

This was followed by a tweet from conservative radio host, Laura Ingraham, who shared an article entitled: “Byron York: Is Robert Mueller conflicted in Trump probe?“. The article questions whether there is a conflict of interested that arises between Comey and Mueller’s relationship now that Comey has become a blatant critic of Trump.

Donald Trump has the right to ask Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller, but he must realize how that would look to outsiders. The mere fact that Republicans believe that Trump should take action against Mueller shows the fear they have that Trump may have done something wrong. Instead of siding with the law, these Republicans (mentioned above) are siding with President Trump.