How and When to Watch Jeff Session’s Testimony on Trump & Russia


Yesterday it was reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be testifying under oath in a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The hearing, which will be similar to that of James Comey’s last week, is expected to attract many eyeballs this afternoon. If you happen to be out of school or home from work at 2:30 PM EST, you will be able to watch the hearing live on both television and the internet. Here’s how:

Television Stations: CBS, CSPAN3, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC
Online Live Streams: CBSN,

The hearing should be quite an informative one for the Senate Intelligence Committee, as they seek answers to many important questions following testimony from former FBI director James Comey last week.  Below are just a handful of likely questions facing Attorney General Sessions later today:

Why did you decide to leave James Comey alone with the President in the Oval Office?
Did James Comey ask for help keeping distance from President Trump?
Did you have any role in Comey’s firing?
Is there any reason to doubt James Comey’s testimony last week?
Are you aware of any White House tapes of the President’s meeting with Comey?
Would you be willing to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller about his investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia?
Did you have a third meeting with Sergey Kisylak, and what topics were discussed? If so, why did you not disclose this meeting initially?
Did you tell the President you were considering resigning?

For the sake of the American people, we hope that Jeff Sessions answers all of these questions openly and truthfully and doesn’t try and hide under the guise of executive privilege.