Here’s What Would Happen If Trump Fires Mueller


Whether it’s a diversion or a legitimate threat, Trump surrogates and friends have been making it clear that the President has at least been considering the possibility of firing special counsel Robert Mueller. Such a move would send a surge of anger throughout Washington, and likely signal that the President knows he’s guilty of something. With that said, just over a month ago, many political pundits would have said that a Comey firing would have been just as detrimental to the public’s opinion of Trump as a Mueller firing would be today.

As Robert Mueller continues hiring some of the nation’s best prosecutors and begins to make headway into the Trump/Russia investigation, the possibility does exist that Trump may act. If the President did decide to fire Mueller, here are the likely outcomes of such a move. Note that none of them are good for Trump.

Leaks Turn Into a Gush
We have already seen an extraordinary number of leaks coming from the intelligence community and even from within the White House itself. Leaks usually occur when unjust actions occur within the government. A firing of Mueller following the firing of Comey would pretty much turn the entire FBI and most of the IC against the President. If you thought that the current leak situation was bad, just wait until Trump fires Mueller.

Congress Re-Appoints Mueller
It’s not out of the question that Congress would act forcefully to re-appoint Mueller as a prosecutor and establish an independent counsel. The ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said it best in a tweet yesterday: “If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don’t waste our time.”

States Step Up
Maryland and D.C. have already sued Trump over his businesses, saying that he has unjustly used the Presidency to enrich himself. If Trump was to fire Mueller, many states with Democratic governors would step up and sue him for a variety of likely illegal actions.

Marches and Riots As Unrest Fills the Streets
What happens when a government that is supposed to be serving the people lets the people down in a big way? The people speak up and act out. If you thought the crowd numbers at the major anti-Trump rallies have been large, just wait and see what happens if Trump fires Mueller. Not only will the sizes of the protests increase greatly, but the tone and the demeanor of the protesters will change dramatically as well. Marches may end up turning to riots as Americans lash out at a President who thinks he’s above the law.

Republicans Finally Turn on Trump
Cracks are already emerging within the Republican party. John McCain has said that Obama was better than Trump on US leadership, and Lindsey Graham said that Trump may be the first president to ‘Go down’ because he couldn’t stop tweeting. If Trump fires Mueller, other Republicans will turn on him and possibly in a big way. Their constituents are becoming uneasy and once the President’s approval rating dips under 30%, you can be certain that many within the GOP will run from Trump faster than Usain Bolt.