Jeff Sessions Refuses to Answer Important Questions With No Basis For Doing So


Leading into the Jeff Sessions testimony, much talk was made about Donald Trump’s executive privilege, which, if asserted, would have given Jeff Sessions a right to refuse questions about discussion he had with the President. People had expected Sessions to not answer questions based on this privilege. However, what we found out after Sessions’ testimony started, was that Trump never asserted executive privilege, according to Sessions testimony.

Sessions could have answered any questions he wanted, but he consistently refused to do so during his testimony on Tuesday. One question in particular concerned whether or not anyone from the Trump administration discussed with him the possibility of pardoning anyone in the Russia investigation. Sessions’ response was that he would not answer the question. When asked why, he said it goes back to DOJ policies. This question wasn’t even about conversations Sessions had with the President, but rather with his administration — discussions which wouldn’t even be covered under executive privilege even if Trump had asserted it.

Later in the testimony, Sessions was asked if he was ever told by anyone in the administration to break the law. Sessions quickly answered, “No”. This question for some reason didn’t fall under those same DOJ policies that the question concerning “pardoning” did. Both questions are almost identical in nature when it comes to possibly falling into a category that might be prohibited by the DOJ. So why did Sessions refuse to answer one, but was so quick to answer the other?

Senator King directly accused Sessions of being selective with which question he wanted to answer and which he did not. He referred to the fact that Sessions was fine answering whether or not Donald Trump asked him of his opinion before firing Comey. This was considered to be direct discussion between President Trump and Sessions himself, and Sessions made no hesitation about answering it.

Obviously Sessions is hiding something. What it is, we can’t say for sure, but apparently he’s reluctant to answer certain questions that may implicate himself or the President of certain misdoings.