This Photo Of Jeff Sessions Proves He’s a Liar Or Unfit to Lead The DOJ


After yesterday’s marathon Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the American people were left with no more real clues as to whether the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia or not. Sessions underwent hours of testimony by Committee members and answered the majority of them as if he had something to hide.

The Attorney General used two main tactics in order to avoid answering some of the more incriminating questions. He either claimed that he would not discuss any conversations he had with the President, citing executive privilege, or he used the common ‘I do not recall” line in order to avoid perjuring himself. An “I do not recall” response can not be used against him since any perjury allegation would have to prove that he actually did recall, which it almost impossible to do.

When senators asked Sessions if he had seen Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in April of 2016, Session claimed that he heard that Kislyak was indeed in attendance but does not remember talking to him. For those of you unaware, Kislyak is a burly man, who is certainly recognizable. If Sessions did in fact talk to him, it’s pretty obvious that he would remember it. The problem is, how can we prove that he actually did talk to the ambassador, short of a photograph of such an event taking place?  Well, we have that photograph! Below you will find a picture of Senator Sessions clearly in a three-way discussion with another man and Ambassador Kislyak (right).

While the photo of course does not tell us what was being discussed or how long the conversation may have taken, it proves that there was a conversation between the two. While many political pundits will say that there is no way to know if Sessions actually did remember the conversation or if he is lying about the whole thing, remember that Sessions had initially claimed that he never saw Kislyak there. This is the same Jeff Sessions who has confirmed that he had two other discussions with the Ambassador in the past, so he clearly should recognize the burly man at the hotel.

Regardless of what side you take on this argument, Jeff Sessions either is lying to the American public or he has an incredibly poor memory and is unfit to be leading the Justice Department.