Top 10 Trump Political Opponents to Follow on Twitter


Social media has become a go to source for up-to-date news. Most of the news that is reported on in the media can be found somewhere on social media even before the story breaks. Many politicians have begun to use Twitter as a means to communicate not only with their constituents, but the rest of the world as well.

President Trump has taken the use of social media (particularly Twitter) to what some would say is an extreme. He uses the platform to make announcements, attack the media and even denounce certain individuals and government officials. In response to this, we’ve seen more and more senators, congressmen, mayors, governors and other elected officials take to Twitter in opposition of the President.

Below we list the top 10 Twitter politicians to follow if you are looking for those who tweet strongly against President Trump.

  1. Evan McMullin – Former Independent Presidential Candidate – McMullin actually ran against Trump as an independent candidate, and while his vote tally totaled less than 500,000, he has continued to be one of Trump’s biggest critics on Twitter. Being a former CIA operative, he knows what the intelligence community goes through each day in order to help protect American values. Certainly Trump’s repeated attacks on the IC have only made McMullin an even bigger opponent of the President.
  2. Ted Lieu – Congressman from California – Ted Lieu makes multiple posts per day trying to, and oftentimes succeeding at, exposing President Trump. Heck, even his Twitter Profile states, “I don’t take orders from Vladimir Putin.”
  3. Vicente Fox Quesada – Former Mexican President (2000-2006) – Fox has been a major opponent of Trump ever since Trump declared that “Mexico will pay for the wall”. Since then, Fox has been on a mission to expose Trump and make him look foolish through the use of social media, particularly Twitter. It’s almost a daily occurrence to see Fox criticize President Trump.
  4. Nancy Pelosi – Minority Leader of the House of Representative, Congresswoman from California – Pelosi, at age 77, has more fight in her than Mike Tyson at 18. Seriously, she is a feisty woman who has her opinions and usually sticks to them. She has been known not to let partisanship get in the way of how she feels about something or someone. She has been very critical of Trump, his possible Russian collusion and many of his far-right winged policies. For her age, she is surprisingly very active on Twitter.
  5. Elizabeth Warren – Senator from Massachusetts – Warren has emerged as one of the favorites to run against Donald Trump in the 2020 election (if he remains in office). She is the definition of “Strong Woman” and her tweets often show this. On an almost daily basis, she has something noteworthy to say about President Trump, his policies or the Trump-Russia investigation.
  6. Chuck Schumer – Senator from New York – Schumer is definitely one of the more talkative Senators when it comes to opposing Trump on a number of issues. He recently released a video mocking Trump’s cabinet meeting, in which all of Trump’s cabinet members went around the table complimenting him. Schumer is one of the more respected U.S. Senators, so it is definitely worth following him on Twitter to get his take on the latest Trump scandals.
  7. Ron Wyden – Senator from Oregon – Wyden is one of the members on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he has not only been hard on Trump when it comes to the various hearings he’s been involved in, but he’s also very critical of the President on Twitter. He is especially opposed to #TrumpCare.
  8. Jeff Merkley – Senator from Oregon – Merkley, like Wyden is also a Senator from Oregon. He is more against Trump’s policies rather than President Trump himself. He focuses a lot on trying to stop the GOP healthcare plan from getting approved.
  9. Dianne Feinstein – Senator from California – Feinstein, like Ron Wyden, is also on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and she has been one of the major proponents in trying to uncover what really happened between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election process. On Twitter she focuses mainly on opposing Trump’s views on healthcare, education and immigration.
  10. Hillary Clinton – Former Presidential Candidate, Former Secretary of State, Former First Lady, Former Senator of New York – Hillary Clinton went silent for several months after losing the election, but she recently has been back on the attack when it comes to Donald Trump. Some of her recent tweets focus both on Trump’s policies as well as possible collusion with Russia.

Well there you have it, our list of the top 10 people to follow on Twitter if you would like to see the oppositions’ views of President Trump.

Feel free to comment below with any additional Twitter political figures you think should have been included on this list.