Was Paul Ryan Paid $20 Million to Endorse Trump? Seems that Way


If you were to ask 10 random Donald Trump voters why they voted for the man, you’d likely hear anywhere between 3 to 9 of them tell you it was because of his promise to ‘drain the swamp’.  The phrase basically has come to mean that he would rid Washington of all of the people who have been bought and paid for and all of the special interests. Well, here we are just under 5 months into Trump’s Presidency, and many political pundits will tell you that this administration is as swampy as any have ever been.

Trump has hired his own family members for key positions, he has seemingly become his own ‘special interest,’ profiting off of the presidency millions of dollars, and he has surrounded himself with people who seem to be doing the same.

Earlier this week Scott Dworkin, the Co-Founder of the The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, revealed some rather interesting documents that he was able to dig up.

You may recall that back on June 2 of last year, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. While Ryan had been a holdout, questioning if Trump really was the right man to lead the Republican party in the 2016 election, something had obviously changed for him. It certainly wasn’t Trump’s words or actions, which seemed to have gotten more and more insane as time went by. So what could it have been? Money?

On August 29th, approximately three months after Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump, two of Trump’s largest campaign donors, Miriam and Sheldon Adelson donated a staggering $20 million to Paul Ryan’s super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund. To put things into perspective, these donations represent approximately 40% of all the donations received by the Congressional Leadership Fund for the entire year of 2016.

While there is no smoking gun, it certainly appears that Ryan was paid big money to endorse a man that he knew was unfit to be President of the United States. It seems like the ‘swamp’ was only drained of the clean water, leaving the sludge and dead fish behind.