Trump Just Said His Approval Ratings are Better Than Obama’s – They Aren’t Close


It’s not very common to find a sitting United States President spending their weekend bragging to the world about their approval ratings. It’s even less common to find a sitting U.S. President bragging about their approval ratings while also blatantly lying.

Well, that’s exactly what happened only minutes ago, as President Trump tweeted out the following message at approximately 7:05 AM EST:

“The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating.That’s higher than O’s #’s!”

President Trump is right in the fact that the Rasmussen Poll, one of the worst performing polls when it comes to his job approval, showed a 50% approval upon its release on Thursday. The problem is, that unless Trump is comparing his one outlier poll to Obama’s approval on some random obscure date, then the remainder of his tweet is a blatant lie. Any way you look at things, even if Trump considers this one Rasmussen poll to represent the 8 or 9 other polls which show much lower scores as the defacto poll to rule them all, his numbers still are not higher than Obama’s numbers were. After the same amount of time as President, on June 18th 2009, President Obama had an average approval rating of 59.8. This is 9.8% higher than Trump’s Rasmussen approval, and a staggering 19.8% higher than Trump’s overall average approval rating this week.

Some may say that perhaps he was comparing his numbers to Obama’s as Obama left office. Well, he’s wrong again. Obama left office with an approval rating of 57.2, a 7.2% lead over Trump’s Rasmussen rating and 17.2% ahead of Trump’s average score.

This President seems to have an infatuation with his predecessor, so much so that he has lied repeatedly about him and continues to try and undo everything that Barack Obama had accomplished over the past 8 years.  There is only so much lying to the American people a man can do before everything that comes out of his mouth or typing fingers is questioned.  I think we may have reached that point.