Report: White House Staff Preparing for a Trump Resignation & Perhaps Pence Too


Speculation of a pending Donald Trump impeachment has been mounting over the past several weeks, especially since Robert Mueller was assigned as the Special Counsel. After assembling a team of criminal prosecutors who would make any defense team shake in their boots, it appears as though impeachment is just a matter of “when”, not “if”. That is of course if Donald Trump doesn’t resign first.

According to John Cooper, the Chairman of The Democratic Coalition and former Chair for Biden and Obama, talk of a Trump resignation is heating up in the White House. In a tweet made yesterday afternoon, Cooper wrote:

“WH source: Alarmed Trump staffers are starting to talk about WHEN (not if) Trump will resign. Wondering if Pence will be forced out, too.”

Could Trump really resign before the house even votes to impeach him? Probably not. He would have nothing to lose by waiting, but if impeached, Trump could swiftly resign to avoid an impeachment hearing where potential criminal allegations could be made public. While White House staffers are reportedly discussing when this may happen, the greater question that may determine where America goes as a country would surround Vice President Mike Pence. If Pence is also forced to resign, that would then put Paul Ryan in the presidential seat.

The speculation is mounting for a potential Pence resignation/impeachment as well, as just yesterday CNN reported that Pence has hired outside counsel for the Russia probe. Pence, more likely than not, as successor would follow in line with many of Donald Trump’s campaign promises, but if he resigns and Paul Ryan becomes president, those promises are out the window. Undoubtedly most Democrats would still be unhappy with Ryan or Pence as President, and this leads to the question of if an entirely new election should take place.

If Donald Trump is deemed to have been put in office because of Russian interference with our election, the Republicans may be said to unfairly hold the current seat. A Trump resignation or impeachment due to collusion with Russia to interfere with the election would deem the seat fraudulently taken. As far as we know, there are no rules in the constitution for a situation like this, so the ultimate decision might come down to the US court system to decide.