We Challenge Trump to Tweet About The Finsbury Park Attack #FinsburyTrump


Imagine for a moment if your town was struck by a dangerous terror attack, and yet no one really seemed to care. Instead of jumping the gun, calling for the heads of those who planned such an attack, like we’ve seen so often over the last couple of years, a blind eye is turned. The media buries the story, and for once, politicians don’t take advantage of the tragedy for their own gain. Well, that’s just what’s happening already in the Finsbury park neighborhood of North London.

A 48-year-old Caucasian male plowed his van into a crowd of Muslim men in front of the Finsbury mosque, just after midnight last night. The crowd of people were helping a man who had collapsed when the van struck and injured at least 10 of them. The man who was being helped has passed away, while the rest have been taken to local hospitals. The suspect, who has already said that he wanted to “kill all Muslims”, is in custody after multiple members of the mosque subdued him and waited for the police to show up.

In the past, with the Manchester and London attacks, President Trump was quick to tweet about these tragedies in an effort which seemed to promote his travel ban. Here we are just a few weeks removed from those attacks, and an attack which has targeted solely Muslims, the very people President Trump is trying to ban from this great nation, ¬†has taken place. ¬†President Trump has yet to even mention the attack. It’s only 7:45 AM EST so perhaps he’s still rolling out of bed. However, I’m not feeling too confident that he will be tweeting any time soon about this most recent tragedy. After all it doesn’t exactly help his narrative at all.

Since we’ve become aware that the President has allegedly been reading many of our articles, I thought it would be a good idea to direct this message to him. I hope that those reading this story will at least spread the message as well.

President Trump, we are not a world that should be divided based on religion, race, or sexuality. We are a world that needs to come together in peace to drown out the hate we are seeing with love. You don’t create peace by breeding hate, and a clear way to breed hate is to try and separate people based on race, religion and sexuality. You can’t pick and choose the tragedies which you speak against. If you think that it’s a horrific act when a Muslim plows into a crowd of Caucasians, then it’s also just as horrific when a Caucasian plows into a crowd of Muslims. Even though this does not further your narrative, we urge you to speak out against this horrific attack just as you did with all the others.

As for those hoping to sway the President’s opinion and see him speak out against today’s horrific attack, Please retweet this article to him @RealDonaldTrump, along with the hashtag #FinsburyTrump.