Report: Jeff Sessions Is About to Step Down


Back on June 7, political insider and Chairman of the Democratic Coalition Jon Cooper, tweeted, “Word among Trump staffers is that both Jeff Sessions AND Sean Spicer will resign over the coming weeks in sign of growing tensions in WH.”

Now almost 2 weeks since that tweet, it’s being reported by the mainstream media that Press Secretary Sean Spicer will be stepping down from his position within the briefing room. There has been a lot of turmoil and confusion as of late, mostly because President Trump seemingly is telling his press team one thing, and then telling the media another, on a variety of topics.

It looks like Jon Cooper’s White House source was correct in their leaking of information on Spicer. The next question of course is whether or not they will also be correct in their report that Jeff Sessions could be next. Just last night, Jon Cooper made another tweet, reporting:

“As my WH sources told me, it appears Sean Spicer is on his way out. They still think Jeff Sessions will be next!”

Back on June 6, the HuffingtonPost also reported that Jeff Sessions was considering resigning, a move that could cause even more turmoil within the White House.

During Sessions’ Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, he refused to answer a lot of questions claiming it was his duty to keep what goes on in the White House private. If for some reason Sessions resigns or is fired, would these private conversations still need to be protected? Perhaps a resignation could signal the willingness of Sessions to cooperate more in a Trump/Russia investigation, which is certainly something that wouldn’t bode well for Donald Trump or anyone else in his campaign or administration.

The other question that remains, is who would take over for Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General if he were to step down or get fired. It is doubtful that President Trump would appoint Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, given everything currently going on with the Mueller investigation.