PROOF: President Trump is a Xenophobic A-hole


(Note:  This is an opinion piece, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or it’s parent company)

Calling the President of the United States of America an ‘asshole’ is not something I take lightly.  After all, it certainly doesn’t reflect favorably towards the country I was born and raised in and the country, which up until only recently, I was incredibly proud of. With that said, the President of the United States is a xenophobic asshole and if you can’t see this, then you likely are as well.

If the 2016 campaign rhetoric where candidate Trump mocked a disabled reporter, called just about every competitor a name that corresponded with their physical appearance, and demeaned women and immigrants, did nothing to prove this to you, then his actions recently as President should.

Yes there are lots of examples in which President Trump has shown his xenophobia and assholishness (is that a word). However, two examples over the last week alone have really driven these characterizations of the President home.

First was the London mosque attack two days ago. A Caucasian man plowed his vehicle into a crowd of Muslims outside a mosque as they helped one of their own who had fallen. One death and multiple injuries occurred in this attack, which seemed to mimic attacks conducted in Europe by ISIS. The difference between this attack, perpetrated by a Caucasian man, and the ISIS attacks, perpetrated by radical islamists, is that the President of the United States of America, known to tweet about prior attacks in an effort to push through his travel ban, completely ignored this one. If this was a Muslim man running his vehicle into nearly a dozen Caucasians or Christians, The President would have been on Twitter ranting about the attack faster than Usain Bolt can run from the toilet to the sink.

Then, last week, the President’s assholishness shined through once more as a group of six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS resigned in frustration. The reason given by the group for their sudden departure? “Trump doesn’t care about HIV. We’re outta here!”

“We cannot ignore the many signs that the Trump Administration does not take the on-going epidemic, or the needs of people living with HIV, seriously,” wrote Scott Schoettes, the HIV project director for Lambda Legal.

Schoettes, who is HIV positive himself, was outraged because the White House also removed all reference of the Office of National AIDS Policy, and has failed to appoint anyone to lead the office, meaning key developments within the HIV space no longer make it to the President or his advisers.

It’s not just ignorance, but it seems as if President Trump clearly makes decisions to ignore those whom he has no interest in. In these cases, it’s the Muslim community and those suffering from HIV, but these groups are far from the only ones being victimized by the leader of the once Free World.  This is the exact definition of a ‘xenophobic asshole’ to me.