Today’s the Day – Release of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill


The past two weeks has infuriated many Democrats and Republicans alike. A group of 13 Republican Senators have been in secret meetings trying to forge a path towards the future of healthcare in America. Politically, this whole ordeal has not been good for Republicans, as many within their own party have criticized the secrecy of the closed-door meetings.

With that said, we are only hours away from the reveal of what likely is the most secretive bill in decades. Once released, political pundits on both sides will likely have a field day trying to decipher what’s inside, and Democrats will likely try and push off a vote until they feel that the public has had an adequate amount of time to digest the details. Republicans, on the other hand, have hinted that they will try and push through a vote as soon as possible, perhaps as early has late next week.

The bill, which if passed by the Senate, would still face major hurdles in the House of Representatives, even though the Republican party has a majority of the seats. Many political pundits have expressed concern that the Senate bill will be more ‘mean’  (a word President Trump used to describe it) than the House bill was, in order to get some of those in the Tea Party on board.

Regardless of what’s in the bill, today will only be the start of what will likely be a major debate among Americans throughout the nation.  Some of the things we will need to look for are any additional cuts to Medicaid, the CBO score, and what stipulations are put in place for those with pre-existing conditions.  Stay tuned!