Senate Health Care Bill Released – Read It In Its Entirety


After a couple of weeks hidden away out of the sight of Democrats and even some Republicans, Mitch McConnell’s Senate health care bill has just been released, and it’s not going to be well received by those on the left.  The new bill, which can be read in it’s entirety right here, will drastically reduce funding for Medicaid, while putting those with pre-existing conditions at great risk.

The 140-page bill, released moments ago, will now undergo a rushed process of review by the Senate, which will likely leave most of the American populous in the dark as to just what the major changes to health care will be if the bill is passed into law.  Mitch McConnell and fellow Republicans have expressed a desire to push for a vote on the bill as soon as next week, after approximately 20 hours of debate.

“The heartless Senate health care repeal bill makes health care worse for everyone — it raises costs, cuts coverage, weakens protections an dcuts even more from Medicaid than the mean House bill,” said Leslie Dach, director of the Obamare-supporting group Protect Our Care Campaign, who had served as senior counselor at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration.

The key argument from Democrats will be that the bill will reduce funding for Medicaid and healthcare for those who can’t afford it while reducing taxes for those who are extremely wealthy.  Republicans will likely argues that the bill will give the American populace control over their own insurance, not forcing them to buy insurance if they do not want or need it.

Regardless of how the Senate votes, the next week will certainly bring forth quite the debate.  If the bill does pass the Senate, the House would also need to approve it before it is sent to President Trump for signing.