CNN Finds a Clever Way Around Trump’s “No Camera” Rule At Press Briefings


While many within the media feel that the Trump Administration is squashing their First Amendment rights by prohibiting recording devices of any kind in the White House Press room, CNN seems to have found a way to get around this new rule.

Over the course of this last week, CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta has been one of the more vocal reporters attending the briefings, going as far tweeting, “The White House press secretary is getting to a point where he’s just kind of useless. If they’re getting to this point where he’s not going to answer questions or go on camera or have audio, why are we even having these briefings or gaggles in the first place?”

It does seem an awful lot like President Trump is trying to hide from the media by placing limits on our nation’s free press, and CNN seems to be fed up. Since cameras are not permitted inside the White House Press room, they decided to cover the briefing in the same way as they would a court case in which cameras are forbidden. They brought along a Supreme Court sketch artist, named Bill Hennessey to the White House for today’s briefing, and while his sketches really don’t add much to their reporting, it was the statement it made that counts.

Hennessy’s mere presence at the briefing shows just how low the administration has gone in their efforts to limit the ability of the American people to hear what the President has been doing. Hennessy has been sketching court cases, including the Clinton Impeachment Hearings for decades and stood in the back of the briefing room sketching Sean Spicer while other reporters asked questions.