Are Comey and Mueller ‘Very Good Friends’ Like Trump Claims?


We’ve entered a realm of reality in which we can not trust a single word that the sitting U.S. President says or tweets. It seems as if every day President Trump states another fabricated truth, and then when proven incorrect, lashes out at the media for misunderstanding him, claiming ‘Fake News!”.  So the question is, during the interview with Fox and Friends yesterday morning, when the President claimed that the ties between special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey were ‘very bothersome,” and that they are ‘very very good friends,’ should we believe him or not?

It is true that both Comey and Mueller worked together as Department of Justice colleagues during the George W. Bush administration, and did have a work-related friendship.  With that said, according to sources close to the two men, as well as Comey’s attorney, the friendship did not continue into their personal lives.

“Jim and Bob are friends in the sense that co-workers are friends. They don’t really have a personal relationship. Jim has never been to Bob’s house and Bob has never been to Jim’s house. … They’ve had lunch together once, dinner together twice, once with their spouses and once after Jim became FBI director so Bob could give him a run-down on what to look out for. [Bob] is not a mentor. He’s friendly, as colleagues are.” said David Kelley, a former federal prosecutor, and now Comey’s personal attorney.

Trump’s suggestion that there are conflicts of interest in this case, especially given the fact that James Comey would have no reason to lie under oath and risk years in prison for doing so,  seems like yet another falsehood from the President in order to distract from the main target, himself. While the two men were acquaintances, and got along well, to claim that they are ‘very very good friends’ is simply not the truth. Even if they were the closest of friends, however, Mueller’s investigation into Trump barely includes James Comey, whom like we said before, has no real motive to not be truthful in these matters.