Donald Trump is Now Accusing Hillary Clinton of Collusion!


Over the course of the 2016 Presidential Election, as well as after, we consistently have seen President Trump strategically use some of his perceived flaws and spin them as an attack on opponent Hillary Clinton. He would frequently direct negativity he probably saw coming his way and construe it in a way which would make Clinton look bad. For example, we saw this when he declared that the election was rigged. He did this before the public knew that the Russians may meddle in the election. One of his campaign ploys was built upon trying to make public perception of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats be that of “they are all elitists”. When it comes down to reality though, Trump is the prototypical definition of the term “elitist”.

Now, with the Russia investigation in full swing, and with Special Counsel Robert Mueller looking into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in order to help him win the election, Trump is at it yet again. This time he’s accusing Hillary Clinton of collusion.

In a tweet this morning, Trump wrote, “Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!”

First of all, collusion with the Democratic party (her own party), is a much lesser charge than collusion with a foreign hostile government. You simply can not compare the two. If the Democratic party favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, there is nothing illegal about that, nor anything really out of the ordinary.

The bigger question here is why would President Trump be trying so hard to normalize the act of “colluding” with another entity to win an election.  Is he once again trying to jump in front of a conclusion, perhaps that the ongoing investigation will show that he did in fact collude with Russia? Is this just another attempt at redirecting negativity that he sees coming his way, once again at Hillary Clinton? The mere fact that he asks, “Is she allowed to so collude?” makes one wonder if he is using her “allowed” collusion with her own party as an excuse for why he should be allowed to collude with Russia.

What do you think his reasoning is here?