15 Heartfelt Twitter Stories of Children Saved by ObamaCare


While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, many people across America are taking to social media to show the rest of the country just what ObamaCare and Medicaid has meant to them and their families. With the latest Republican ObamaCare repeal bill about to hit the Senate floor, there is much critique about how the new healthcare plan will take away Medicaid and set lifetime maximums on coverage.

Healthcare for children is expensive, and setting lifetime limits on the amount of care that a child can get could be seen as a death sentence to parents of the ill. With the Republicans secretly holding meetings in order to create a new repeal bill in a group of just 13 Senators, before showing it to the country, seems a bit ridiculous to many Democrats.  This is especially true, given the fact that Senator Mitch McConnell is seemingly trying to rush it through a Senate vote without giving Americans a chance to read and dissect the entire thing.

Many parents of ill children, or children who were born with certain health problems, have been taking to Twitter with their heartfelt stories, trying to encourage those Republican Senators whose votes count the most, to vote against the latest bill.

Below you will find 15 heartfelt stories from parents who don’t want healthcare, as we currently know it, to be repealed and taken from their kids:

1) From Songwriter Holly O’Reilly

2) From Rebecca Wood (Mother of a micropreemie baby)

3) From SOKelley

4) From Annabelle Leigh, whose son was born with CHD like Jimmy Kimmel’s son.

5) From Allie P.

6) From Architect Rebecca Weld

7) From Writer and Comedian Tara NeyHard Campbell

8) From Juliet Benoit

9) From Jeff Wilson

10) From DavideBowman

11) From Emily Schaffhausen

12) From Tony Joh

13) From Sarah Cooke

14) From Carolyn Seagraves

15) From Dilshad D. Ali