A Fake ‘Time’ Magazine Cover Hangs in 5 Trump Resorts – Can you guess which it is?


We all know that the 45th President of the United States seems to have a slight ego problem. This should have been apparent throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, and remains apparent as he constantly boasts about himself and his policies using words like “Huge,” “Bigly” and “Tremendous”. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit any one of Donald Trump’s offices prior to him being elected President of the United States, you’d usually find framed magazine covers lining the walls, all with him appearing on the cover.

Apparently, such magazine covers also help decorate most of the President’s golf clubs and resorts. There is one small problem though; they aren’t all real. The Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold found that one cover in particular from Time Magazine appears in at least five of Trump’s 17 international golf clubs. The problem is that the cover was actually never printed by Time Magazine. In fact there was no Time Magazine published on March 1, 2009 at all, like shown on the cover which adorns his various golf clubs.

A little investigating, and a Washington Post contact with Time Magazine has confirmed that the cover is a fake, never existed, and likely is something Time could sue the President over if they wished to do so. The President is apparently using the fraudulent cover in order to help further promote his various golf courses around the world.

Whoever went out of their way to create the fake cover seems to have done their research, but also made several mistakes. The headlines printed on the cover, besides the one pertaining to Donald Trump himself, all are accurate and were printed on the actual Time Magazine cover, which was published on March 2, 2009. The actual cover featured actress Kate Winslet, however.

There are a few things which give away the fact that the cover is a fake, even if Time did not confirm the fact. First of all, the headlines for the actual magazine usually appear at the top, not the right hand side. Additionally, the red border on an actual magazine is usually larger and has a thin white line which borders it. Finally, Time never uses exclamation points on their covers, while the fake one has two.

While the cover itself will likely have no baring on the presidency, it is yet another look into the odd mind of Donald J. Trump.