Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying “Internet Taxes”, Which Don’t Even Exist


Donald Trump has never been a fan of, and he has let this be known since his days on the campaign trail. However, today he stooped to a whole new level, accusing the internet retail giant of “not paying internet taxes”. The only problem with that statement, however, is that internet taxes don’t even exist.

Trump’s tweet at 9:06 AM ET read as follows:

“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!”

While the tweet is very difficult to understand, it appears as though President Trump is saying that Amazon should pay “internet taxes”, but what exactly are “internet taxes”? At first glance, one must wonder if Trump is referring to corporate income taxes, which Amazon obviously is paying, given they are a NASDAQ listed company. The second thought would be that Trump is referring to sales taxes. There has been a lot of debate over the past two decades on whether or not internet retailers should be responsible for collecting state sales taxes or not. However, this is now a moot point with Amazon, as they began collecting sales tax from all applicable states as of the end of this past March.

This leads us to question if Trump actually believes that a retailer should be taxed even more heavily merely for being an “internet company”. This obviously would seem to go against the Constitution of the United States, and it would cause huge problems from some of the world’s largest companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and others.

So what exactly was Trump talking about? Our guess is that he mistakenly believes that Amazon isn’t collecting state sales taxes, but your guess is as good as ours.