Sean Hannity Attacks CNN’s Acosta – Acosta’s Reply is Priceless


Over the course of the last several months, the phrase ‘fake news” seems to have taken on a meaning unlike any that one would have thought likely. While, ‘fake news’ is clearly news which is pushed on the public in an effort to sway their opinion — take for instance a conspiracy theory which is not backed by legitimate evidence — the President of the United States has skewed the definition a just a tad. ‘Fake news’ now seems to be news which the President of the United States doesn’t agree with, or news which doesn’t suit his own narrative. President Trump has claimed that ‘millions of people voted illegally’ without a shred of evidence, because it suited his narrative of winning the popular vote. The President also claimed that his crowd size at inauguration eclipsed President Obama’s, which it clearly did not.  The list can literally go on and on and on.

Meanwhile, the President as well as those on the right, continue to push the idea that news, which is attributed to multiple sources but doesn’t suit their narrative, is simply ‘fake’, despite the lack of evidence to back up such claims. It seems as though hundreds of hard-working, honest reporters are being thrown under the bus and this is pushing us dangerously close to an authoritative brand of government.

Last night, one of the foremost pushers of actual fake news (see Seth Rich), Sean Hannity, decided to rip into CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent, for being ‘fake news’ after Acosta lashed out at the White House’s attack on the media. Acosta recently criticized the White House for removing cameras from their press briefings, among other media-stifling actions.

In a short monologue last evening, Hannity stated the that, “Over the past few weeks, CNN has really made great strides in solidifying their position as one of America’s premier fake news networks.”

He then called Acosta “arrogant,” “combative,” “a White House darling,” “unhinged” and “whiny.” The four-minute monologue was dedicated solely to Acosta, who was simply only trying to do his job. Hannity’s complete monologue can be viewed here.

The way that Hannity ripped into Acosta, one would have thought Acosta would have lashed out in turn. However, the CNN correspondent seemingly decided to be the bigger man here (not too difficult) and tweeted this priceless message towards Hannity, which is sure to get under his skin:

The tweet has been ‘liked’ 3000 in only two hours as it appears to be going viral.