You Won’t Believe How Few Americans Support the GOP Health Care Plan in Latest Poll


Donald Trump and some GOP Senators are pushing their latest version of the ObamaCare repeal and replace bill to Americans, in hopes of getting enough votes in the Senate to enact the new plan into law. However, a new USA TODAY Poll shows that the Republican health care plan has ridiculously low support by Americans in general.

We aren’t talking about minority support or even 1/3 support. The latest USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll found that a meager 12% of Americans support the new Republican plan to replace ObamaCare.

The survey, which was taken between this past Saturday and yesterday, asked 1,000 registered voters by telephone/cellphone their opinions of the Republican plan. While only 12% supported it, what is even more surprising is the fact that just 26% of Republicans actually want to see the plan go into effect. A whopping 77% say that protecting “pre-existing conditions” is “very important”, while only 6% say it is not.

Additionally, 63% of those polled say that it is very important that Medicaid expansion is supported and that lower-income individuals who became eligible for Medicaid through the ACA should continue to receive coverage by Medicaid.  This contradicts a vast amount of GOP Senators’ views.

This poll should have a lasting impact on the Republican plan, as GOP Senators now will see that if they vote in support of the bill, they are voting against the desires of 88% of Americans, and 74% of Republicans. This may just be the poll that breaks the Republicans’ backs.