Chicago Just Trolled President Trump With This Epic Statue


With all the talk about ‘fake news’ over the course of the last year or so, something like this was bound to happen. This week the city of Chicago has unveiled a five foot tall gold statue saying the words ‘Real Fake” along the city’s Riverwalk. This statue, created by a man named Scott Reeder, is just one of five statues which will be installed along Chicago’s Riverwalk as a part of the city’s recent art initiative.

What makes the installation of this particular statue so amusing is the fact that it has been installed on the corner of Wabash and Wacker, right across the river from Chicago’s Trump Tower Hotel. In fact the area in which it was installed has become a common destination for people to take photographs and selfies of the building, many times with a not so flattering hand gesture.

“What’s wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation,” city spokeswoman Christine Carrino told the Tribune.

One can’t help but wonder if the city, the home of former President Barack Obama, chose this location for a reason. After all, President Trump has become the king of fake news claims, all the while making up a bit of fake news himself. The creator of the work, Reeder did design it four years ago, so it’s a pretty safe bet that it was not designed with the intention to mock the 45th President of the United States.

The statue was installed on Monday and will be up for an indefinite amount of time should you be planning a visit to Chicago in the near future.