Are O’Keefe Videos an Attempt to Discredit Upcoming Trump Tapes?


Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, surely you have seen or heard about James O’Keefe’s American Pravda videos featuring CNN Producer John Bonifield and CNN Commentator Van Jones. The videos, which are obviously highly edited to the point where you can tell portions have been cut out in order to better tell a story that O’Keefe wants his audience to comprehend, have received over 3.4 million views over the last couple of days.

One thing really stands out to me though; James O’Keefe has accepted funding from both the Trump campaign and the Trump Foundation, and he also represents the alt-right. Now, let’s consider the fact that both Donald Trump and Fox News have recently changed their narrative from “Russia didn’t interfere with the elections” and “Trump didn’t collude with the Russians”, to that of “Who cares if Trump colluded with the Russians….. it’s not a crime”. It’s almost as if they know somewhat of a bombshell is about to drop. Perhaps it’s an audio or video recording that will act as proof of Trump colluding with the Russians in order to influence the election. This is just a guess, and it’s a scenario that may or may not be forthcoming.

However, if for a minute, you allow yourself to believe that the sudden change of actions and words by Donald Trump and Fox News are a means to jump out in front of a forthcoming bombshell of evidence, then the James O’Keefe videos could be just another piece in the arsenal.

O’Keefe’s highly edited video (see below) which basically asked Van Jones what he thinks about the “Russia thing” is a prime example of how video evidence can be modified, cut, edited, etc. in order to make someone look as though they are saying something that they truly are not. Van Jones’ response to the question of “What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing?” was simply, “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.”

We don’t know specifically what the “Russia thing” is or was, nor do we know the context of how these quotes fell in the flow of the entire conversation, as parts were clearly cut out. Perhaps the “Russia thing” was something completely irrelevant to the possible collusion plot. Maybe it was in respect to the Russian defense minister’s plane being buzzed by a NATO jet over the Baltic a couple weeks ago. We simply don’t know.

Maybe this is exactly what Donald Trump and James O’Keefe want us to see. Providing an example where video is edited to make CNN employees look bad, would go a long way in helping the Trump team and the alt-right media discredit any upcoming audio or video tapes showing evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. Perhaps there are tapes that are forthcoming where Trump is recorded agreeing to help in Russia’s election interference conspiracy, and the Trump administration wants to be able to discredit these tapes. What better way to do it than to have highly edited tapes of Trump’s opponents (the media) apparently saying things you wouldn’t ever expect them to say?

Could it be? We’ve certainly seen Trump jump out in front of things like this in the past.