Eric Holder’s Ominous Tweet Hints At Forthcoming Trump Bombshell


You may recall, on Monday, we published an article titled, “Comey Friend, Wittes, Hints That a Trump Bombshell is On The Way. In that article we predicted a forthcoming Trump/Russia bombshell based on a Tweet made by Comey friend, Benjamin Wittes, which read as follows:

“3 things:
1) Not all ticks are related to Comey.
2) Fuse length remains uncertain.
3) Interesting preemptive defense of collusion happening.”

Lo and behold, just 3 days later (yesterday), a bombshell dropped in the form of evidence showing attempted collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, with GOP operative, Peter W. Smith.  The reported suggests that Michael Flynn had sought to coordinate with a security group to get hold of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails.

Now comes another intriguing tweet from another well-respected figure. This morning at the wee hour of 3:00 AM, former Attorney General Eric Holder made an interesting statement on the social media platform. It read as follows:

“To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country.”

This appears to be somewhat of a pep talk directed at the DOJ and FBI about some sort of forthcoming bombshell, or some sort of fabricated story that may be coming to discredit the FBI and DOJ. What makes this tweet even more interesting and more telling is the fact that it looks eerily similar to another tweet that Holder made at midnight on May 10th, the early morning after James Comey was fired. That tweet read:

“To the career men and women at DOJ/FBI: you know what the job entails and how to do it. Be strong and unafraid. Duty. Honor. Country.”

The different between the two tweets is slight, but the one which Holder made last night focuses more on preparation and integrity of the job that our honorable FBI and DOJ employees must maintain. He appears to be foreshadowing a potential attack by the White House against the integrity of the DOJ and FBI. The question as to exactly what he’s referring to remains unknown, but we expect to hear something very soon either from the FBI, DOJ or White House. Stay Tuned because another bombshell appears to be about to drop!