This Informal Adviser to the President Should Scare us to Death


Shortly after President Trump won the nomination back in November, right wing media personalities jumped at the opportunity to fill key positions in the Trump White House. While a few may have received offers from the President, the vast majority did not, forcing them to stay put in positions which will may actually help Trump even more.

The President relies on the media, especially the media on the right, to help push his agenda on the American People. Whether it’s Breitbart, Fox News or InfoWars, these outlets seem to mix reality with make-believe in an effort to normalize the current Presidency.

One man which was believed to be eyeing a possible White House position five and a half months ago, but was eventually let down, is Sean Hannity. The Fox News personality, with his own show which pushes conspiracy theories on the American public, has been a long-time confidant of the President. A recent tweet by New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush at least opened our eyes to what is quite a scary thought.

“Hannity is an informal adviser to Trump and has urged him to crack down much harder on media, via reporting by @maggieNYT and me,” Thrush wrote.

At first glance, many likely brushed this off as half a joke, or half an opinion. However, if you were to really dissect the bigger picture over the course of the last month or two, it does actually appear that Sean Hannity, one of America’s biggest conspiracy theorists, is advising the President in some capacity. Besides the fact that Trump himself says he talks to Hannity regularly, the Fox News host has eerily been toeing the exact same line as the President, almost foreshadowing what he does next.

For instance, Just as Trump lashed out at Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough via Twitter, Hannity was in the midst of his own tweet-storm against them. In a span of 48 hours following Trump’s disgusting attack against Mika, Hannity tweeted about the ordeal 7 times. Just as Trump began his attacks on CNN following the O’Keefe videos, Hannity began attacking CNN as well (he tweeted 13 times in 6 days about them). That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Hannity seems to pick and choose who or what he will attack next based on what the President’s narrative is for that day. He attacked Obama when President Trump began questioning publicly why Obama did not do anything to stop Russia’s cyber aggression. He also attacked the ‘leakers’ just as President Trump began doing the same, and he attacked Comey as soon as it seemed like the best move to suit Trump’s own narrative.

There is no doubt that Hannity is talking to the President, coordinating his show around what the President’s talking points will be for any given day or week. The President meanwhile is continuing to take the advice of Hannity, who has urged him to continue to lash out against the media and continue attacking Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, despite even those on the right slamming the President for doing so.

Now that Hannity has begun to attack acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, claiming that he was too close to James Comey and posting stories titled “Acting FBI boss Andrew McCabe faces pressure, probes, uncertain future,” one has to wonder what the President has up his sleeve…

Why is this so scary? Simply because Hannity is either off his rocker completely, or is willing to lie to the American people in order to gain viewership and book sales. Neither characteristic is a trait one should want in a White House adviser. Hannity is the same man that pushed the Seth Rich conspiracy theory even after Rich’s own parents begged him to stop. Hannity is also the man who criticized President Obama for putting mustard on his hamburger.