REAL NEWS: Donald Trump is FAKE NEWS


“Fake News” is a term that has become one of the most commonly used phrases in President Trump’s vocabulary. He uses it when attacking the media, and has used it over and over again since the start of his successful presidential campaign. That success though is based on the ability that Trump had to convince a vast amount of Americans that he himself is a more reliable source for information than the mainstream media.

There is one problem there though. The mainstream media uses facts to back up their claims, and typically they don’t report something to be true unless they have facts to back their claims up. Trump, on the other hand, has made many claims that contradict the media, but he doesn’t provide any facts to back his own claims up.  Recently Trump has attacked CNN for running with a story that they then recanted, based on the fact that they felt their source of the information was not solid enough.  While, in reality, this showed that CNN has integrity in reporting stories only based on fact, Trump spun it in a way to make it appear as though CNN reports “Fake News”.

Some how, some way, Trump has been able to convince his supporters that his conspiracy theories are “Real News”, while the media’s factually backed up statements are “Fake News”. One example here, is when Trump claimed that “Russia meddling in the election” was “FAKE NEWS”. 17 intelligence agencies backed up the claim that the media reported on, yet Trump claimed it to be fake with no supporting evidence whatsoever. His supporters sided with him, somehow believing that a man who has been proven to be a liar in the past was somehow more accurate than 17 of the United States’ best intelligence agencies.  In the end, Trump admitted that “Russia ‘probably’ meddled with the election”.

Fact is, “Fake News” isn’t news that is fabricated. “Fake News” is news which Trump doesn’t like hearing. He’s taking a lesson from the playbooks of dictators and tyrants. He’s using methods that Vladimir Putin has been successful in using to stay in office for almost 2 decades. He is taking the position that since he is the “leader of the free world”, he gets to decide for himself what news is real and what news is fake, even if in reality the opposite is true.

Little by little, people are coming to realize that “Fake News” doesn’t mean that the news didn’t happen, but rather that the news “doesn’t matter” in the mind of Donald Trump, nor that he believes it should matter in the minds of Americans.