President Trump’s Last Tweet Is the Scariest I’ve Ever Seen


You may recall the saying your parents likely repeated to you growing up: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” It rings so true, and up until this point I have been repeating this in my own head as I read our President’s string of hateful tweets each morning. Well, this morning President Trump has posted something to Twitter that seems to have gone yet another step further down into the gutter.

As we approach American’s 241st birthday on Tuesday, instead of our President tweeting patriotic messages to America, he has decided to take his attack on CNN and the media to an entirely new level. Just moments ago he tweeted two hashtags, “#FraudNewsCNN” and “#FNN” followed by a 28-second video clip of him attacking Vince McMahon during Wrestlemania 23 back in 2007. The video has been edited, however, and instead of McMahon’s face, a CNN logo is replacing it. The video depicts Trump clotheslining CNN before elbowing and punching them. The video clip ends with a logo replicating CNN’s, which says “FNN Fraud News Network.”

While Trump supporters will likely laugh and claim that this is why they love this reality TV President so much, Trump has just introduced violence into his feud with the mainstream media and ‘fake news”. This is a dangerous slope we have just jumped on, one which could spiral out of control and into a violent chaotic nightmare if we are not careful. Best of all, the President of the United States is leading this charge against the free press in this country and it’s sickening! The video clip can be viewed below: