Death Threats to Press Already Starting After Trump’s Violent Tweet


It was just yesterday that we reported on a video that President Trump tweeted in which he was insinuating violence against the media. The video, which showed Trump violently body slamming and punching a man with a CNN logo over his face, was blasted across social media by none other than the President of the United States himself. In our report, we noted that there would probably be some Trump supporters who decide to go out and take violent action against the media as a result of Trump’s tweet.

Today, we received a death threat from one of our readers. It read: “we should just kill you… stupid presstitutes… F**k you!!”

The email was sent to anonymously, using an Austrian service called “Mixmaster” which sends messages in fixed-size packets and then reorders them. As far as we know, this email is completely untraceable. We have, however, included a copy of the original email below. As you can see, the email was sent from

Email threats online are not uncommon, but the fact that this was sent to us less than 24 hours after we published an article about President Trump inciting violence against the media, only furthers our point that Trump’s actions on Twitter should not be taken lightly. He needs to take responsibility for his words, as his words are more likely to incite action than anyone else’s.