Democrat’s Bill to Deem Trump Insane May Actually Have a Chance


Politics are somewhat of a game of chess, where one party must out-smart and out-maneuver the other without their opponent knowing that they are being led into a trap. This is what is happening with the latest Democratic efforts to form an 11-member commission made up of physicians and psychiatrists to determine the mental state of a sitting President.

Surely this bill, which has been proposed by Rep. Jamie Raskin, aims at provoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution in order to oust President Trump from office. However, if passed, it would be a committee that is formed to examine the mental state of every President from here on out. Republicans are furious and it is being assumed that none of them will be supporting a bill that would put Trump’s presidency in jeopardy. This might be just what the Democrats are banking on though. A no vote on this bill signifies to Americans that these Republicans do not care about our country. A no vote is essentially a vote saying that it doesn’t matter if a sitting President is deemed to be insane, and that it is OK if our country is led by a madman (not saying Trump is either).

Fact is, if Republicans feel as though President Trump is completely sane and mentally fit to be President of the United States of America, then there is no legitimate reason to vote against this bill. However, if they feel as though Trump is not mentally stable, there shouldn’t be reason for them to oppose this bill either, as a no vote is saying that they know that Trump is mentally incapacitated but they simply prefer to leave him in office.

This bill actually has a greater chance of passing than most political analyst have been giving it credit for. A ‘Yes’ vote by Republicans puts Trump’s presidency in danger only if he is deemed to be insane — and no patriot could say that they side with party over sanity and still be reelected. A ‘No’ Vote means Republicans simply don’t care about America.

It’ll be interesting to see if this bill can get enough support to move to the Senate, where it would probably have a better chance of passing than in the House.