What FBI Staff Wore to Support James Comey Will Melt Your Heart


While it’s been almost two months since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, claiming that Comey had lost the faith of those working under him in the Department, the bureau is still apparently missing him.

At an annual FBI ‘Family Day” celebration, at least 12 people were seen wearing an interesting and heartwarming T-shirt. The t-shirt read #ComeyIsMyHomey on the front, and on the back there was an often-said quote from Comey himself, which read: “We choose to do good for a living.”

The annual Family Day event is a time when FBI staffers and their families are able to get together in a very informal setting, and according to an FBI spokesperson, the event “can showcase divisions in the agency, as well as give families of agency employees a chance to visit the bureau.”

Since Comey’s firing back on May 9, many within the FBI have spoken up, showing that Comney was in fact loved by many within the bureau, and had not lost faith in those who were working for him, unlike what the President had claimed. Comey had been investigating the Trump campaign’s possible ties to the Russian government and whether collusion was involved during the run up to the 2016 Presidential election. Trump suddenly fired him, first claiming Comey had lost the faith of those whom he worked with, but later telling Lester Holt in an MSNBC interview that he actually fired him because of the investigation itself.

For those of you interested, the t-shirt (minus the Comey quote on the back) can be purchased on Amazon.com. Who knows, maybe you will happen to bump into the former FBI director one day. This way there will be no doubt that Comey really is your homey.