New Wrestling Video Emerges: DOJ/FBI Destroys President Trump in Wrestlemania 23


Just two days ago, we reported on a tweet that President Trump blasted across social media, depicting himself violently attacking a man with the CNN logo over his head. It was a video made by a Trump supporter who took a clip from Wrestlemania 23 in which Donald Trump bodyslammed, and then proceeded to punch Vince McMahon. The original creator simply covered McMahon’s head with the CNN logo, and President Trump himself liked it enough to share to his 33.3 million Twitter followers (although many of these are most likely Russian bots).

Those within the media have scolded Trump for inciting violence toward them by sharing this video as President of the United States. While Trump probably doesn’t regret his tweet for this reasoning, he might just regret it for another reason: Trump actually lost in horrid fashion to Stone Cold Steve Austin in Wrestlemania 23 on April 1, 2017 at Ford Field, and one Trump critic took the opportunity to make a new video of EPIC proportions.

Jesse McLaren, a self-proclaimed “Humorist” who works for BuzzFeed, took the video of Trump’s defeat at the hands of Stone Cold, and mimicked the CNN video by replacing Stone Cold’s head with the Department of Justice / Federal Bureau of Investigation logo, resulting in a video twice as entertaining as the original — one in which Trump is on the losing end.  It can be seen below (note: we do not support the violence depicted in this video, nor violence of any kind toward President Trump.  Violence is NEVER the answer!).

As you can see in the video above, the DOJ/FBI crushes the President with a quick kick to the chest, causing Trump’s shirt to become bloodied. Jesse McLaren posted the video with hopes that it would get “MORE RETWEETS” than the original video posted by Trump himself. So far it is up to 185,000 retweets, trailing the original which has been retweeted 327,000 times so far.