Former Trump Staffer: President Has Multiple Mental Disorders


Sometimes in the game of politics it’s difficult to separate political rhetoric from real-life issues. That has been the case over the course of the past several months as those on the left have been pushing a theory that President Trump is mentally ill. It certainly isn’t the first time a sitting president has been accused of mental instability from the opposition party, but this time might be the first in which these claims have some real backing.

In a tweet today from the Chairman of the Democratic Coalition, Jon Cooper, we get a glimpse of just how real President Trump’s mental incapacity might be. Cooper, who has previously worked as the Finance Chair of Draft under Joe Biden and LI Campaign Chair under President Obama, reported the following:

“A former top Trump staffer (they worked side by side) says he’s sure Trump is mentally ill. Thinks he has MORE THAN ONE mental disorder!”

The identity of this staffer has not been revealed, but if true this further corroborates other theories by psychiatrists who have tried to diagnose the President from afar, as well as the media which has oftentimes caught Trump in peculiar situations where he just seems downright confused. The Democrats are currently trying to get a bill approved which would allow for a committee to be formed in order to judge whether a sitting President is mentally fit to resume his role, but it is doubtful that it will pass both the House and Senate.

It will be interesting to see if Jon Cooper’s anonymous source actually comes forward to reveal his identity and his reasoning for his accusations. Regardless though, the Trump mental stability talk will definitely go on.