Modern Day Presidential?

(This is an editorial written by contributing writer Sean Lang and his opinions do not represent the opinions of
Trump took to twitter – yes, again – on July 1, 2017, and made a claim that his use of social media is “not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.” We can all have a laugh at this nonsensical claim but his die hard supporters are loving his public outbursts. What Trump has done, and the people around him too, is just say whatever he wants.  And what’s worse is it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, as he just goes about his business with the attitude of “Just try and stop me.”
Never mind the fact that this is coming from a “man” – if we can be that generous – who ran his entire campaign on retrogressing America back to “the good ole’ days.” With the persistent removing of regulations and restrictions set forth to prevent us from the dangers those “good ole’ days” posed to our health and safety. Never mind that his methodology and characteristics axiomatically show that of pre-modern society – racism, misogyny, xenophobia, religious discrimination against all but Christians. And perhaps most obvious, his slogan: Make America Great Again! That alone shows his lack of modern perception. His statement is, on all fronts, a lie.
Trump is, by all appearances, conscientiously destroying the fabric of civil conversation and his supporters don’t really seem to care. And I’m sure that those of you who support him will think I’m just whinging in a spirit of partisanship. That is not the case. Most republicans will still function in the normal channels of attempting a fact based conversation about the world. Their lies would be normal lies and when caught there would be a penalty to pay. They would lose reputation. Trump has no reputation to lose. This is an epistemological pot-latch of civil discourse. Every time Trump speaks he is saying, “I don’t have to make sense. I’m too powerful.” to even have to make sense. That is his message. And a third of the country seems to love it. So, when he is caught in a lie, he has no reputation to lose. Trump is chaos.
Honestly, I haven’t heard any defense of Trump that concedes his obvious flaws as a person, much less, an argument for why these flaws don’t matter. And this is what you would have to do to defend him in an interesting way. I find this very alarming. The people who defend Trump do not admit that there is anything wrong with him. It’s like the most that they concede is he is uncensored and therefore will inevitably offend some people – such as the recent case with the MSNBC Hosts. That isn’t even close to acknowledging the problem.
People (Trump clearly included) think they have re-branded his pettiness, vindictiveness, boastfulness, dishonesty, and inarticulateness as some sort of twenty-first century virtues. When Trump stood up in front of the memorial wall at the CIA and bragged about the size he hallucinated of his inauguration crowd – recently disproved – or brags about how many times he has been on the cover of Time magazine – it appears he created his own fabricated covers for his resorts – it isn’t stage craft or some brilliant manipulation of the media. This isn’t some next level communication. It’s his psychopathology leaking out into the world.
When I see Trump in moments like that, as plain as day, I see the confessions of a disordered personality. A child in a man’s body. (And congressman have taken notice and started a 25th amendment pursuit.) And so it is with his tweets. Ask yourself, how would Trump look if he really were an utter narcissist and pathological liar? If you don’t believe he is these things, how would he have to appear to be these things to you? What would constitute evidence of narcissism and dishonesty?  If you get out of your echo chamber for a second, and just dispassionately look at this situation, you would see that Trump could give no more evidence of these things if he tried. He could give no more evidence of being a selfishly malignant huckster; of being chaos.
Look at his life, look at the reflexivity with which he lies and has done so for decades – and will continue to do so until the day he dies. The characteristics of our 71 year old President are indissoluble. His obscurantism and blatant repudiation of civil discourse are just a few of the many horrible and wicked traits presented by this deranged man. We must not allow him continue this trend and not suffer the consequences that would be ruthlessly imposed on any other President. Chaos must be vanquished.