Video: Trump & Putin’s Opening Remarks – Trump Already Caves


One of the most highly anticipated meetings in years between a US President and one of its foes is scheduled to take place within minutes in Hamburg, Germany, at the G20 Summit. As President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin get ready for closed-door bilateral discussions, the press swarmed¬†the two men minutes ago. Both Putin and Trump made brief opening remarks, and it appeared as if Trump was already treating Putin much differently than those leaders of ally nations he had met in the past. The bizarre thing about it all is that he seems to be treating Putin in a much friendlier manner than even some of our closest allies, such as Germany’s Angela Merkel or France’s Emmanual Macron.

In the 2-3 minute pre-meeting opening remark session held in Hamburg a few minutes ago, President Trump stated the following:

“Thank you very much, we appreciate it. President Putin and I have been discussing various things and I think it’s going very well. We have had some very very good talks. We will have a talk now and obviously that’s going to continue. But we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia and the United States and everybody that’s concerned. It’s an honor to be with you.”

There are two specific parts of this opening paragraph by Trump, which show that he’s already looking to appease Putin. First, instead of saying that he is looking forward to very positive things happening for ‘the United States and Russia,’ he decided to put Russia before us. “But we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia and the United States,” Trump stated.

Usually when a President is meeting with a leader of a nation which is considered a hostile foreign power, such as Russia, one wouldn’t describe the meeting as being an ‘honor,’ but President Trump did just that. When you gravely disagree with the way in which a nation is attacking your own, it’s never an ‘honor’ to be with the leader of that nation. If, on the other hand, you look up to that leader and are grateful for, I don’t know, him helping you win the election, then yes, an honor it is.

Vladimir Putin is a former KGB officer and is highly skilled in reading the body language of those he makes a presence with. Putin will clearly translate Trump’s body language and speech into nothing else than “I’m weak.”

We are on a slippery slope right now as a nation. Russian spies are increasing their presence within our nation, and the fact that neither President Obama nor Trump have reacted in a harsh manner means their brazenness will only continue to expand in the months to come. Unless President Trump stands up to Putin, Putin will walk all over him and the United States.