BREAKING – Putin Speaks – Proves That Trump’s a Traitor – Here’s Why


World leaders are all in the process of holding press conferences at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany this weekend. One notable leader who has seemingly decided he doesn’t have to make himself available to the press, however,  is President Trump.

Vladimir Putin, only moments ago, took full advantage of this fact by providing comments on the 2 hour and 16 minute meeting he had with President Trump yesterday evening. In doing so Putin has just put the ball in Trump’s court to prove that he’s not a traitor. What Putin likely knows, however, is that Trump won’t be refuting his claims.

In today’s press conference Putin has been quoted as saying the following when asked if President Trump had accepted his claim that Russia had nothing to do with the hacking of the 2016 Presidential election:

“I think that he noted it and he agreed with it. But I think it is better to ask him.”

Now if in fact Putin’s side of the story is true, that would mean that President Trump has gone against evidence provided by numerous US Intelligence agencies, and instead accepted merely the word of the leader of a hostile foreign power. There is no evidence that Russia did not interfere in our elections, meaning that Trump’s inaction and decision to side with that hostile foreign power is a clear definition of treason.

Hold your horses though, as Putin threw the ball over to Trump by saying “But I think it is better to ask him.” The problem here is that the President will not be taking questions at the Summit this weekend, and has severely alienated the US press. It is highly unlikely that President Trump will be providing an answer to this question, and Putin likely knows this. If Trump does happen to respond to such a question it is also highly unlikely that he will go against the Russian leader’s words, proving once again that his loyalty is not to the American public, but to Russia and Putin.

Prove me wrong Mr. Trump. Come out and forcefully deny the fact that you agree with Putin’s assessment of the meeting. If you DO NOT, there is absolutely no other rational explanation for your behavior besides the obvious conclusion that you, yourself are a foreign agent.