Campaign Aide Calls Trump, “Very stupid, very arrogant, very guilty”


Depending on who you speak too around Donald Trump, you will either hear that he is a brilliant business man, or you will hear quite the contrary. Over the past several months, a lot of people have thrown a ton of insults in the direction of President Trump. Although virtually all Presidents have been insulted in one way or another over the years, it seems as though Trump is at the brunt of more insults than Presidents of the past. While those on the right believe this is “unfair”, those on the left feel as though they are well deserved.

This morning, you can add yet another insult to the long list for President Trump. Jon Cooper, Chairman of The Democratic Coalition, former National Finance Chair of Draft for Joe Biden, and former LI Campaign Chair for President Obama, tweeted that he spoke with a former top campaign aide of Donald Trump yesterday, who summed up the current President’s character with the following words:

“Very stupid, very arrogant, very guilty.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Trump’s name fall into any of these three categories, but coming from someone who used to work closely with the campaign team, and likely had a role in helping to get Trump elected, this is quite damning to Trump’s character. Also, the fact that a former campaign aide believes Trump to be “guilty” shows that he/she probably has seen evidence of such.

While this aide remains anonymous, there is no reason not to believe that Jon Cooper is telling the truth about this conversation taking place.  It seems as though more and more individuals who have worked with Trump and the campaign team are coming forward after yesterday’s bombshell report about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian attorney in order to seek damaging information from the Russians about Hillary Clinton. In fact the leaks which led to the story about Trump Jr. by the New York Times came from within the White House itself.   Surely more leaks will follow.