BREAKING – Trump Jr’s Incriminating Email Chain is Released


As if the Donald Trump Jr. story could not get any more interesting, Donald Trump Jr., moments ago, published contents from the email chain between himself, and a ‘trusted intermediary,’ named Rob Goldstone. The chain of emails offer little room for Trump Jr. to wiggle his way out of allegations that he attempted to collude with those close to the Russian government.

The intermediary wrote in an email to Donald Trump Jr.  that the information they have “would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.” They then continued, “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

Within just minutes, Trump Jr. responded to the intermediary with the following message, clearly showing his interest in such information:

“If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.”

Approximately four days later the intermediary replied in an effort to set up a meeting between Trump campaign officials and a “Russian government attorney.” To this, Trump Jr. responded that he agrees to such a meeting and would be bringing along Paul Manafort and his brother-in-law (Jared Kushner).

All this comes days after the Times first released their report that Trump Jr. had met with a Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to discuss potentially damaging material on the DNC and Hillary Clinton. This seems like the smoking gun, not only tying Trump Jr. and other campaign officials to the Russian government, but also showing intent to use such information to influence the election.  The full email chain that Trump Jr. released can be found below: