Did Kellyanne Conway Admit That Evidence of Collusion Is Coming?


Whether you hate her or you love her, there is no denying that the Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, certainly is confident of herself. Whether she’s attacking what she and the President call ‘fake news’ or she’s having a somewhat civil conversation with Fox News, she always sounds as if she believes 100% of what escapes her mouth.

Up until this point, Conway has not even flinched at the claims that the President or those around him colluded with Russia in order to win the election, but last night on Sean Hannity’s show, that seems to have changed. In a possible slip of tongue, likely missed by most viewers, Conway suggested that the Trump Jr. emails don’t point to collusion, however such evidence of collusion may be on the way.

In a bizzare episode where she held up two signs, one saying “Conclusion? Collusion” and the other “Illusion, Delusion,” she stated:

“What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No, we don’t have that YET.”

Yet???? As if evidence of collusion is forthcoming; as if she’s preparing both herself and the American public for what’s likely to be further proof that the President and/or his campaign did in fact collude with a hostile foreign power?

Perhaps this was only a slip of tongue, however her wording was quite clear, and she certainly didn’t pause as if to think “oh no I shouldn’t have said that.” Hannity simply went on with the discussion as if he did not hear that short three letter word.

At the end of the day, Conway is only doing the job that she’s being paid to do. She is only repeating what those within the administration have told her. ¬†With that said, one has to wonder if perhaps even she knows it’s only a matter of time before a larger bombshell in the Trump/Russia story explodes. The complete interview with Hannity can be seen below.