Yep! Trump Just Yanked French First Lady Brigitte Macron’s Hand


By now, people seem to pay more attention to President Trump’s handshakes with foreign leaders than they do to his actual words. The President has become somewhat known for an odd handshake, which he seems to try and express dominance with. The shake, which seems to be a cross between a ‘come here’ yank, and a ‘I’m having a seizure’ tug, has garnered international media attention for months now.

As the President landed this morning in Paris, France to meet with Emmanuel Macron and his wife, there was no telling if he would try his patented shake on the French leader. As he stepped out of his fortified limousine and approached President Macron, the greeting was anything but abnormal. The handshake was nothing out of the ordinary¬†as Trump embraced the French leader with a few pats on the shoulder as well. It’s what happened, that¬†caught us by surprise (not really).

Trump slowly walked up to French First Lady Brigitte Macron. Kissing both her cheeks and grabbing hold of her hand, the greeting seemed to be headed in a normal direction. That’s when President Trump grabbed her right hand at an odd angle and began yanking away. Mrs. Macron seemed to try and step back away from the tugging, and then the President suddenly let go. The full video can be seen below. It’s around the 2-minute mark that the oddities begun.