Troll Tricks Fox News Into This EPIC Interview – Eric Trump Retweets It


Fox News is known for trying to fan the flames between the right and the left. While every news organization likely has some slant, either to the left or to the right, Fox News seems to go out of their way to try and demonize those on the left.

Take for instance an interview conducted by Jesse Watters on his show last night, where Fox went out and lined up an interview with someone who apparently had ideologies far from what those on the left really believe. The interviewee was an alleged Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) activist, who appeared to believe that violence was the best defense against the Trump administration and its supporters. He even went as far as stating that a horse which an Antifa member stabbed was actually racist.

As Watters clearly baited the interviewee into saying things which would make even those on the far left blush with embarrassment, he didn’t realize that he had actually fallen into a trap that would paint this segment as 100% fake news. The young man that Watters was interviewing was actually a serial troll from YouTube who goes by the handle BG Kumbi. BG Kumbi was not actually an Antifa member, but rather an individual who was looking to show just how quickly Fox jumps at an opportunity to demean the left, without thoroughly vetting their contacts first.  BG Kumbi has been known for trolling groups such as 4chan in the past, and has over 28,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

To make matters worse, the interview, which can be seen in its entirety below, was retweeted by the President’s son, Eric Trump, with the headline, “Truly incredible…Yes, this is what we are dealing with!”